Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Keep it going

Hi folks thanks for the continuous support for only2clicks, by the time I wrote this post we have just crossed 100,000 users barrier 100,394 to be exact! I am still amazed we manage to keep this site going while many of its competitor has now ceased to exist.

Growing number of users can only means increase in database size, bandwidth and everything else, it is getting harder to maintain this site for free and solely relying on donation. We have so many great ideas for this site waiting to be executed.

We did tried advert which didn't go down well, so I have it removed. I hate them too but it may be necessary evil to survive.

So this is my personal appeal, if you can help by donating any amount I would very much appreciated. My plan is to keep the site free as long as I can, but I may have to monetize it somehow in order to survive.

Please donate any amount to help us. If you are donating more than $5, let me know email address you are using to register with only2clicks. I will make sure your account stays free and you will be upgraded to pro account automatically.

Thank You

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