Friday, April 25, 2008

Social Powered News

Away from traditional edited news sites, we are now familiar with the raise of news stories and websites that are submitted by users, here are the top 4 must have links for your News tab.

1. Digg

2. Mixx

3. Yahoo! Buzz
Yahoo Buzz

4. Propeller

Thursday, April 24, 2008

5 Must Read Technology Blogs

We're all love new shinny gadgets and latest buzz in tech.
Here are Top 5 Must Read Technology Blogs for your links in only2clicks.

1. Engadget

2. Gizmodo

3. Lifehacker

4. Smashing Magazine

5. ReadWriteWeb


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Creating Only2Clicks Web Address

Only2Clicks web address is an alias that you can specify yourself so that it become part of URL of your bookmarks collection.

It allows you to share your bookmarks with public users, without log-in to Only2Clicks.

For example my web address is:

To create your own web address on Only2Clicks, follow these steps:

1. If you haven't already signed into Only2Clicks, do that now.

2. Go to your profile page

3. Choose your web address , make sure you choose something unique as possible name are available at first-come-first basis.

4 Now it's time to select which category (tab) you want to share!
Click on Edit Category Tab which is located right at the end.

5. Simply indicate which category you want to share

6. That's it! You're done.
Let's check your web address!
mine is:


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thumbnails woes

I have to admit today is not a good day for only2clicks. Our thumbnails service is currently down again. The service might have just crippling trying to cope with high demands.

It really is a though time, after relying on donations for the last 6 months, I think it's time to get the revenue back on track and I am determine to sort this problem out.
Like all of us, we want to have good reliable service which just 'works'.

Folks, please be patient while we are working on the solution. I promise we'll get there in the end and thank you so much for your feedback and response and support for this little app.

Keep your fingers crossed!



The Kim Komando Show Cool Site of the Day

Only2Clicks is being featured in the Kim Komando Show Cool Site of the Day on April 13, 2008.
A very big thank you for Kim and her team for mentioning us on her show.

Kim Komando, America's Digital Goddess

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

101 Most Useful Websites has just released '101 Most Useful Websites' which include Only2Clicks under Technology section. In their own words:

" - If you use just a few websites, this lets you create a home page that has links to them all. Simple, free and practical."

Check out full listing here
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