Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Big Thank You

With no advert, only2clicks.com is relying only on donation to keep it alive. Any amount is greatly appreciated and here are list of people who has donated to this project since it has no advert.
  1. Donald Cagle (OK-USA)
  2. Lawrence Jackson (MD -USA)
  3. Peter Kendal (*)
  4. Michael Buckingham (CA-USA)
  5. Michelle Wibowo (UK)
  6. Luis Solar (CA-USA)
  7. Andrew Lock (*****)
  8. Cliff Oiler (OH-USA)
  9. Antonio Cantele (Italy)
  10. Gerardo Yáñez Moreno (Mexico)
  11. Kerstin Exner (UK)
  12. Dr Frank Schmalleger (FL-USA)
  13. Tom Bubulka (IL-USA)
  14. Stirling Crow (IL-USA)
  15. Maria Rouse (MO-USA)
  16. Tony Whittingham (UK)
  17. Werner Schmid (NJ-USA)
  18. Celeste M David (IL-USA)
  19. David Durrie (UK)
  20. Giovanni Galeazzi (Italy)
  21. Chris Stinson (MI-USA)
  22. Click IT (UK)
  23. ADA Poster Company (NE-USA)
  24. Ian Batchelor (UK)
  25. HisNibs.com (PA-USA)
  26. Antonia Fillipa (UK)
  27. Anthony Phillips (UK)
  28. Rakesh Singh (Australia)
  29. Derek Watson (UK)
  30. Ian Craigie (UK)
  31. Elise Maley (MD-USA)
  32. Azikiwe Ukaeje (CA-USA)
  33. Alain Ravet (Belgium)
  34. Meonex Limited (UK)
  35. Raymond Odey (UK)
  36. Marion Bilich (NY-USA)
  37. Steve Beshears

Why not add your name to the list by supporting this project.


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