Thursday, September 20, 2007

Site name

According to Webware:
Only2Clicks is one of the few Web services I've seen lately whose name tells exactly what it does....

Aren't we tired of cryptic name for web services which is labeled as web 2.0 ?
How about droogle, fluriyl, groomsk ?

I know it is almost impossible to find a free domain with some meaningful words these days unless you are backed up by multi-million dollars funding to buy domain name from some one who has bought it previously thinking they could make some fortune by doing it so.
It reminds me of Kevin Han as reported by Business 2.0 magazine that he made a fortune by buying hundreds of mistyped famous domain names.

It took me ages to came up with the right name for this services and one day I came up with only2clicks. I really love it, it has strong message about simplicity and it does only take 2 clicks to do anything on the site. At the end of the day it might be a simple luck that the name is still available, otherwise I might run out of ideas and ends up with some weird name.

Thanks webware!



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