Tuesday, September 25, 2007

a click of note

If you like me, I visited numerous sites each day ranging from news, blog, shop, discussion board, travel site and much more.

One day you may want to book a seat in your favourite cinema through the link that you have in only2clicks; at the end, they gave you a booking reference and you wish you could write it somewhere for quick look up.
Say you reserved some items from a favourite shop and again at the end they gave you yet another reference number. Ok fair enough sometime you get a copy in your inbox but would that be nice if you could just jot that somewhere?

I visited quite a few web2.0 sites recently and as usual another username and password to remember. Although 9 out of 10 I am just feeling curious and simply want to look around without storing any important data, but yet another username and password to remember.

I use discussion board a lot and I love them, I have around a 6 discussion board that I use regularly and perhaps around a dozen in total which I’ve signed up to. This means yet another 12 combinations to remember simply for replying a post.

Would that be handy if I could store it somewhere so I don’t have to use “forgot my password” feature and wait till it arrives in my email?

Now this is an important bit: We strongly advise you DO NOT store any important credentials such as online banking, account to shops that store your credit card numbers or email password.

How to add Notes?

1. Click on edit link

2. Begin type under Notes

3. Link with notes has a yellow indicator

As always we value your feedback, and feel free to give us any comments.

only2clicks team

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