Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Mom's Story

The Mom's Story

One day I was stuck in an overcrowded London underground. I heard typical announcement saying that there has been a signal failure on the next station so we would have to wait. I grabbed a metro paper laying next to me and begin to read hoping the time will pass.

Suddenly something grabbed my attention, a 60 years old lady holding her Nokia 5 series, (The year was end of 90s) As we all know it’s one of the most popular model at that time. It looks like she wanted to make a phone call. I looked at her phone; there is something unusual about it. She flipped the phone and it appears that she has bit of paper tapped at the back of the phone full with writing and number. I can clearly see (of course with my glasses on) they are written with clear black ink and you can tell it looks like list of her phonebook complete with number of her GPs ! What a ... ! Speed dial attached to a phone, brilliant idea!

I guess the moral of the story, she doesn’t even bother to learn how to use the phone, Inserting a number to a phone is complicated, perhaps she hasn’t got a son who can teach her or done it for her. Her method was much more convenient, logical, she doesn’t has to look at the tiny screen, remember the step to store the numbers.. Easy... Very user friendly.. Useful phone number available anytime anywhere complete with the phone.

Sometime we simply forget about this type of crowd. The non tech-savvy who are struggled to keep up with a fast changing world of technology and Internet. They are a growing number of population who are started embracing the wonderful world of world wide web.

Some of you might have taught your mom to do online shopping on the internet and familiar with this comments.. Too slow, complicated, difficult to use, text too small, I can’t read, What is this, how can I see in the shopping card, why I get this pop up warning, did I do something wrong?, What is quick search? How’s that different to normal search? They just want one thing “Simplicity”!

Admit it how many moms can actually program a VCR to record a TV show ?

Something that took us 5 minutes to learn perhaps its 5 years learning curve for them. (My mom has started sending a text message through mobile phone and where I sent my first text message 5 years ago)

I guess I have to wait another 20 years to see my mom start writing her own blog or post her cat video in youtube.


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