Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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"Only2Clicks' fast load time and simplistic interface still make it a useful landing page if you don't need all the bells and whistles. I prefer Only2Clicks over iGoogle or Netvibes because it forces me to make a decision about what page I want to visit."

"I have over 1200 bookmarks broken down into different folders and subfolders.
But there are still a handful of site that range from blogs to design to photography that I visit daily. Only2Clicks has made it easy for me to open one window and have every thing I need in one location. In short, I love it. Anything that can make things easier to find and save me some time is a good thing."Ronica's Design

"It Takes 2, Baby: only2clicks. As they seem to be so fond of saying on the e-Loan commercials (which I HATE), this is a “radically simple” landing page called only2clicks that is so radically simple even your mom would know how to use it. (If you are Mom, forgive me!)"
Computer Assistance Services

"Only2clicks, a personalized startpage to aggregate all of your favorite websites, claims that their service is so easy to use, even your mom will love it. As we all know, Moms are a tough crowd to please, though Only2Clicks is just as simple as…two clicks. Moms, even most trained chimps have the point and click power to use this incredibly useful web application."

"Yesterday when I logged in to Only2Clicks.com, I said it was VERY beta. Today, I went there on a lark. All was fixed.Now, I’m impressed and can recommend them as a great start page."Tech, No Babel

"When it comes to browser homepages, I have slowly drifted from MSN to Google, to Netvibes, to Schoolr, to Sputtr and then back to Google. My latest (and quite possibly greatest) startpage is Only2Clicks." GearFire

"What’s Sweet About This Site: There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing your homepage.Of course, I’d recommend Sweet Site of The Day ;) but if you don’t want to go that way, Only 2 Clicks is a great 2nd choice.The name comes from the fact that (at the most) you’re only two clicks away from whatever websites you frequently visit." Sweet Site of The Day

"If you're like most Web surfers, the majority of your Internet time is spent on a small handful of sites. Only2Clicks lets you set up a customized home page with instant access to these sites, along with previews of what's on their home pages." PC Magazine

"Only2Clicks is one of the few Web services I've seen lately whose name tells exactly what it does. The concept is pretty straightforward--set up your favorite Web sites, and the service will load them up in a grid, with photo thumbnails for each. You can add and remove any number of sites, and the thumbnails will be refreshed each time you reload the page. You can also re-organize the links with simple drag and drop. The idea is to set Only2Clicks as your start page, so you'll be able to quickly eyeball each site before figuring out where you want to go." Webware

"Only2Clicks is an awesome web service that lets you do something that should have been thought of 5 years ago! It’s such a simple idea, yet it’s probably the most useful web application that I’ve seen in months!" Online Tech Tips

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Blogger A Pixel said...

I was just checking my stats for the month. Thanks for the mention and the link back! I'm looking forward to the on going development of this site. Wonderful job!

July 31, 2007 at 4:54 PM  
Blogger only2clicks said...

We always wants to hear from you. If you know other links that has review to only2clicks.com, please let us know.

August 1, 2007 at 10:36 PM  

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