Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Mom's Story

The Mom's Story

One day I was stuck in an overcrowded London underground. I heard typical announcement saying that there has been a signal failure on the next station so we would have to wait. I grabbed a metro paper laying next to me and begin to read hoping the time will pass.

Suddenly something grabbed my attention, a 60 years old lady holding her Nokia 5 series, (The year was end of 90s) As we all know it’s one of the most popular model at that time. It looks like she wanted to make a phone call. I looked at her phone; there is something unusual about it. She flipped the phone and it appears that she has bit of paper tapped at the back of the phone full with writing and number. I can clearly see (of course with my glasses on) they are written with clear black ink and you can tell it looks like list of her phonebook complete with number of her GPs ! What a ... ! Speed dial attached to a phone, brilliant idea!

I guess the moral of the story, she doesn’t even bother to learn how to use the phone, Inserting a number to a phone is complicated, perhaps she hasn’t got a son who can teach her or done it for her. Her method was much more convenient, logical, she doesn’t has to look at the tiny screen, remember the step to store the numbers.. Easy... Very user friendly.. Useful phone number available anytime anywhere complete with the phone.

Sometime we simply forget about this type of crowd. The non tech-savvy who are struggled to keep up with a fast changing world of technology and Internet. They are a growing number of population who are started embracing the wonderful world of world wide web.

Some of you might have taught your mom to do online shopping on the internet and familiar with this comments.. Too slow, complicated, difficult to use, text too small, I can’t read, What is this, how can I see in the shopping card, why I get this pop up warning, did I do something wrong?, What is quick search? How’s that different to normal search? They just want one thing “Simplicity”!

Admit it how many moms can actually program a VCR to record a TV show ?

Something that took us 5 minutes to learn perhaps its 5 years learning curve for them. (My mom has started sending a text message through mobile phone and where I sent my first text message 5 years ago)

I guess I have to wait another 20 years to see my mom start writing her own blog or post her cat video in youtube.

Save valuable clicks using only2clicks

According to killerstartups.com
you could save 3600-7200 clicks a year using only2clicks.

Quoted from their site:

"Yes, all of your favorite websites are available to you with a few clicks in the favorites section of your browser already, but wouldn't it be even more convenient if your homepage had icons of the 8 websites you most frequented and you could actually get a preview of the website screen? This could save you at least ten or twenty clicks a day depending on how much you use the internet which doesn't sound like much, but thats 300 to 600 clicks a month, 3600 to 7200 clicks a year. It only takes a few seconds to sign up with Only2Clicks.com and a few more to customize the page to your standards. There are a few tabs of different categories that you can surf through and you can change or label those categories whatever you want them to be labeled. "

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Friday, July 27, 2007

More Tabs?

Some of you might have noticed that if you have more than one tab row, the layout is broken. But now you can have any number of tabs without breaking the layout. Enjoy it!

Have a great weekend!

Use your favorite image

A Small update for today, you can now use your favorite image with your links. Useful when you have links to your own webserver, local network or office intranet.
You can also replace default snap shot with your own image. Imagine having your kid's picture linked up to her or his blog.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Your wishes come true

Yep, that's it !
Drag and drop is finally here.
You can now re-arrange your icons as you like simply by dragging and dropping them. Simple!
Hope you all enjoy it and thanks to 76 votes here where 55% have asked for this feature. Don't forget to post any feedback anywhere in my blog as we always want to hear from you.
So far it has been a great project and I hope you love it as much as I do. Please do spread the word.. tell your mom ;) ... friends, colleague, neighbour or anyone you know.
Just to let you know I have started on the next feature, don't worry I promise to keep it simple!

The Buzz

"Only2Clicks' fast load time and simplistic interface still make it a useful landing page if you don't need all the bells and whistles. I prefer Only2Clicks over iGoogle or Netvibes because it forces me to make a decision about what page I want to visit."

"I have over 1200 bookmarks broken down into different folders and subfolders.
But there are still a handful of site that range from blogs to design to photography that I visit daily. Only2Clicks has made it easy for me to open one window and have every thing I need in one location. In short, I love it. Anything that can make things easier to find and save me some time is a good thing."Ronica's Design

"It Takes 2, Baby: only2clicks. As they seem to be so fond of saying on the e-Loan commercials (which I HATE), this is a “radically simple” landing page called only2clicks that is so radically simple even your mom would know how to use it. (If you are Mom, forgive me!)"
Computer Assistance Services

"Only2clicks, a personalized startpage to aggregate all of your favorite websites, claims that their service is so easy to use, even your mom will love it. As we all know, Moms are a tough crowd to please, though Only2Clicks is just as simple as…two clicks. Moms, even most trained chimps have the point and click power to use this incredibly useful web application."

"Yesterday when I logged in to Only2Clicks.com, I said it was VERY beta. Today, I went there on a lark. All was fixed.Now, I’m impressed and can recommend them as a great start page."Tech, No Babel

"When it comes to browser homepages, I have slowly drifted from MSN to Google, to Netvibes, to Schoolr, to Sputtr and then back to Google. My latest (and quite possibly greatest) startpage is Only2Clicks." GearFire

"What’s Sweet About This Site: There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing your homepage.Of course, I’d recommend Sweet Site of The Day ;) but if you don’t want to go that way, Only 2 Clicks is a great 2nd choice.The name comes from the fact that (at the most) you’re only two clicks away from whatever websites you frequently visit." Sweet Site of The Day

"If you're like most Web surfers, the majority of your Internet time is spent on a small handful of sites. Only2Clicks lets you set up a customized home page with instant access to these sites, along with previews of what's on their home pages." PC Magazine

"Only2Clicks is one of the few Web services I've seen lately whose name tells exactly what it does. The concept is pretty straightforward--set up your favorite Web sites, and the service will load them up in a grid, with photo thumbnails for each. You can add and remove any number of sites, and the thumbnails will be refreshed each time you reload the page. You can also re-organize the links with simple drag and drop. The idea is to set Only2Clicks as your start page, so you'll be able to quickly eyeball each site before figuring out where you want to go." Webware

"Only2Clicks is an awesome web service that lets you do something that should have been thought of 5 years ago! It’s such a simple idea, yet it’s probably the most useful web application that I’ve seen in months!" Online Tech Tips

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Links open in a new tab

As requested by Quinton and Martin, We now have Preferences under "Profile" Where you can set behaviour of the links to open in a new window or tab.

When this is enabled, Firefox users by default have their links open in a new tab, but not if you are using IE7. Here is some tips to enable open in new tab behaviour in IE7, simply go to

Tools > Internet Options > Tabs > Settings

I am not sure what to do for Safari users, I know that you can do "Ctrl+click" to open links in a new tab.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Drag and Drop is coming

We've been testing drag and drop interface over the weekend.
I hope it's a good start to allow further enhancement to move a link into other tab or remove a link to a trash can.
So far It looks pretty stable on Firefox, IE, Opera, and Safari.
At the moment order changes won't be saved so please bear with us, it won't be long until we release it.
Once again thanks for all your support.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Resolution Dependant Layout

After reading tutorial from The Man in Blue I thought that would be ideal to implement Resolution Dependant Layout for only2clicks.
Before this update, we have fixed-center-aligned layout which only allow 3 columns sit in the middle of the screen.
Some of you might use flashy 24" LCD screen while your mom might still be on an old-school 800x600 15" CRT. It seems a lot of space wasted for you who has large resolution monitor

You might say, why not just make it fluid? Fluid layout is going to make your icons left-aligned.
It may doesn't look good.

To cut the story short, If you have less than 1024x768 resolution, you gonna get 3 columns centered, 1024-1280 should be quite happy with 4 columns and if you are 1280-up, enjoy 5 columns centered layout fit for 15 links on a single screen.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

We want to hear from you

Thanks for brilliant feedback guys
As you know we are still improving and we want to hear from you.

What do you want to see next in only2clicks ?
Please vote...

Crosslink Bug has now resolved

Sorry for the frustration yesterday,

We've been working all night with no sleep to fix it and I am glad to say it's now resolved.
There is one downside though, you are no longer be able to upload your own image for the link. but I think it's a small price to pay.
We are still improving and your feedback are really much appreciated.

I have noticed that some of you may have suffered with various problem caused by this bug, for instance some links cannot be deleted, Please try to delete whole category and re-create them.

If you need further help email our support line at support@only2clicks.com

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Crosslink problem

Thanks for valuable feedback everyone.

Some of the users might experience problem when creating links due a crosslink bug which is currently being fixed.

Please be patient with us...

Only2clicks.com team

Monday, July 16, 2007

Beta is released! Feedback please

Inviting you all to beta test Only2clicks.com.
We really appreciate your feedback to make only2clicks.com better..
Please leave comments


About this project

Every time we do fresh install windows, or buying a new PC, the browser start page is always defaulted to one of Microsoft's website or the manufactures. Some people not even bother to change this, while others might has Google on theirs.

One day my wife said to me, would that be nice if I can configure my own start page. She frequently visited dozen of website everyday, which probably like us all. We usually do same usual things on the web, for example checking eBay, read the news, online banking, write a blog, and so on.

Then this project is born…

"One designer, one coder, 7500 miles apart, with one mission: just want to make things a little bit simpler."

-Michael -

Writting blog from Burgess Hill, Sussex Countryside, UK.

Michael is an Information Architect & Creative Director of Claromentis - probably the world's best intranet software and web application platform.

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